Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 11.46.20 AMThere is a growing storm brewing. I can feel the thundering noise in my heart. It resonates with mothers all over the planet. Mothers who are asking, “What are they doing to our children?”  Mothers who have not been told the truth and have had to fend for themselves, find out for themselves, bond with other mothers (and fathers) to find answers.

What am talking about?  Specifically, the havoc that the current vaccine program as recommended by the CDC and the WHO fueled by Big Money at the expense of our children.

Still don’t know what I’m talking about?  Read here.

The said article starts with:  “There isn’t a mother alive, who once having ALL the available information, would allow anyone to vaccinate her child.”

Aye, there’s the rub. Alas, mothers hardly ever get ALL  the available information. On the contrary, they are duped into thinking they are being good mothers by following the CDC’s current recommended vaccination schedule. Until shit hits the fan so to speak. It hits home once you have to deal with it.

Tragically, too many mothers and fathers have had to deal with it. All too often pushed to the side and dismissed with, “It’s not the vaccines,” now have had a bit much. They are speaking out. In droves.

You want to hear some of their stories? Go here.  One heartbreaking story after another. I have to take a break from watching.

I used to be so at a loss how to help. I would often tell friends and family to reconsider vaccinating. Because of what’s in the vaccines. Because there are too many at once. Too many and too early to subject a developing immune system to so much toxic shock.

I would talk about homeopathic alternatives or just plain healthy living. But all that were done on ‘as they come’ method. Really random. I just thought if I could persuade some to at least do their homework, perhaps they could postpone vaccination until later at the very least.  All this time working in the periphery.

Until recently.

I got my certificate in Homeoprophylaxis.

Homeo … what?

Homeoprophylaxis is the use of homeopathic medicines to protect the individual from a certain disease or affliction by educating his/her immune system. It can be applied to just about anything, but this certification program focuses on protecting children from common infectious diseases. In other words, giving parents (on the fence about the current vaccination program) an alternative.

Free and Healthy Children International offers this program to parents searching for a safer way. The site lists HP supervisors near you. As one of them, Homeoprophylaxis allows me to better help parents who want a safer alternative. Check it out!

Meanwhile, that brewing storm is gathering power. This movie shows you why. Questions? Email me.


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