You better take screenshots of all important vaccine information online!

If you care about transparency, have the time and the inclination, please take screen shots of all vaccine info NOW. The CDC seems to be in major cover up mode. Thank you!

Vaccines Cripple and Kill

Someone commented on Sharyl Attkisson’s article Government Wipes Recent Vaccine Injury Data from Website that

Until a couple of weeks ago, the CDC page on polio stated that up to 95% of all polio cases are so mild as to be asymptomatic. NINETY-FIVE PERCENT. Suddenly, with absolutely no explanation, it now says 72%.

Get screen shots of EVERYTHING.

Unfortunately I didn’t take a screenshot or download the old Poliomyelitis pinkbook PDF (here’s the URL for the newly revised 2015 one.)

However, I did copy some of the information from the old one. This is what it used to say:

“Up to 95% of all polio infections are inapparent or asymptomatic.”

“Approximately 4%–8% of polio infections consist of a minor, nonspecific illness without clinical or laboratory evidence of central nervous system invasion.”

“Fewer than 1% of all polio infections result in flaccid paralysis.”

This is what it now says under Clinical Features:

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